Thursday, June 9, 2011

Special Assignment 1

I was introduced to two new search engines today, Wolfram Alpha, and Google Squared. I have never heard of these before. We were asked to compare the United States' population to the countries of China and India. China is 338.6% larger that the United States. India is 293.4% larger.
With this information, I can now see why the United States is behind in technology.
Reflecting on Karl Fisch's, Did You Know? 3.0, it helps me to understand that we are naturally going to be behind in technology because other countries have more man power to ensure their success. With that, we need to work double time to catch up with them in their knowledge and use of these technologies.
I find that these new search engines could be of use to me in my classroom. It is just another tool that I can introduce to my students when I am teaching. The possibilities with these new search engines are endless. I'm glad that I was informed of these. With tools like these, it will only enhance the engagement of my students.

I have put the two links to these engines on my page. Check them out!

WolframAlpha Logo
Google Squared Logo

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  1. Ouida McDaniel understood the point of this exercise better than anyone else so far. Here is a portion of her post:
    "After looking at this information I believe that the statics that are reported in Do You Know? did not show the whole picture.  It is easy to be shocked that India has more gifted students than the U.S. has students if that is the only information that you are given.  But when you look at the population size of each country you see that the population is so much greater in India that it follows that they would have more gifted students.  India's population is almost 75% larger than the United States.  I think as teachers we need to teach our students to look at all the data so they get a clear picture of a topic not just a piece."