Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Add Global Perspectives to Your Google Search


Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano’s Blog, , Langwitches is one that I will continue to follow. The first post that I made to her blog was under Add Global Perspectives to Your Google Search. This was astonishing to me! Her article brought to my attention that Google has yet another feature that I didn’t know about; Google Translate and finding articles from another country’s perspective and in their language using Google with the country’s domain. Some examples that she gave are (Google Germany) and (Google Argentina). Even if you don’t speak those languages, she tells us that every country has its own domain extension. She states, “If you would like to search for keywords and only receive results that originate from that specific country (in English), then go to "Google Advanced Search". She gives a thorough example of how to do this in her blog post.

When I responded to her post, I was able to express how amazed I am at learning all of the things Google is used for. It truly is an amazing tool! Also, I expressed that in my Anthropology class I am learning the importance of other country’s perspectives. If I am ever in question as to what is really going on in another country and want to hear their take on a situation, I will now use Google to find those articles.

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The second post was about Creative Commons. I found this to very interesting especially since Dr. Strange has mentioned this to us a few times. I never really knew what he was talking about and this post has really enlightened me. Dr. Strange has spoken to us about the importance of copyright and other licenses. Creative Commons is one that he has asked us to look into. So you can imagine my excitement when I found this under Ms. Tolisano’s Blog! She states in her post that it is imperative that we as educators know about copyright and other different licenses. She includes a video in her post that is very informative.

The post was short and sweet and the video is what she presented her information with, which I thought was great! You don’t always have to write four paragraphs to get your point across. The video was the best way to convey her thought. I learned from this post. I learned that I don’t have to write and write and write; using videos and other links is the beauty of being a multi-media writer. After reading and watching the video, I let Ms. Tolisano know that I will continue to follow her blog and that I appreciated all of her hard work. It truly is chock full of information.

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